Should I buy a home now or wait ???

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Should I buy a home now or wait?

Today's market is crazy! If you are a buyer and wondering if you should buy a home now or wait until the market neutralizes. If you don't want to be a part of bidding wars, stand in line for an hour just to get into an open house......well then wait. The lack of inventory has really caused prices to increase to a point of being out of control. Back in 2004 thru 2007 we had the same type of situation. Prices we the absolute highest and buyers where paying well over the list price. It was a sellers market then as well. As a result of paying such high prices anyone who bought then definitely overpaid.  For years after, they could not sell because they owe too much and can't get the right price when the market values came back to earth. So, if you are seller, this your time to sell! Buyers on the other hand, I would recommend waiting until the market changes. It may take a little more time before we start to see the change but in the end it is well worth the wait. Your pocket book will thank you.