Stage your home before you list to sell

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by Michele Moretti-Bender, ASP®

 Member of International Association of Home Staging Professionals IAHSP®
Why staging works and what is it?

In today's market, selling a home is not as simple as just cleaning the house, removing some family photos and de-cluttering. Paint colors, fabric patterns, home furnishing décor, artwork, wall paper flooring all comes into play in how a home is viewed online. Home staging has raised the standards of what buyers expect to see when searching online for a new home. Many first-time home buyers do not want to remodel a home like out parents did when they bought their first home. They prefer a move-in-ready home. The more gender friendly and generic the décor and color pallet the better. But, at the same time the home has to have a WOW Factor! That is where a STAGER or REDESIGNER comes in.

Today potential buyers are searching online before they even call a Real Estate Agent or go to an open house. Therefore, it is of upmost importance that your listing pictures online make an immediate impression. Staging your home prior to listing it for sale is the best investment you can make. If other homes in your area are staged yours will not stand out online. However, if your home is staged it will be more appealing in comparison to non-staged homes. For less than a price reduction (typically $10,000 to $15,000) the longer the home is on the market without an offer you can stage your home with a limited budget by using what you already have in your home by repurposing them and adding a few key items